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With Dad's new, mellower (probably medication-enhanced) mood we got along much better but he could still be stubborn when he wanted to be. I wanted to get an idea of how the farm was doing financially and knowing that he had always kept great business records I asked him if I could see the books. He flat-out refused, saying that he might be a physical invalid but he could still take care of the accounting. I tried to explain that I didn't want to take that job away from him, I just wanted to see how we were making out. He told me we were doing just fine and that I shouldn't worry about it.

I couldn't imagine how the farm could be doing well. The only income was from the milk and six cows, even Holsteins, couldn't bring in that much. Overhead was low since we'd never had a mortgage on the place and we grew our own feed, but if I didn't know better I'd swear Dad had a crop of illegal substances hidden away somewhere on the property to supplement the dairy income. But if he wasn't worrying about money why should I?

The other area where Dad wasn't being cooperative was his smoking. He still refused to quit. Of course he couldn't smoke while on oxygen so when he wanted a cigarette he'd leave his nasal cannula hooked on the doorknob, go to the chair at the far end of the front porch, have his smoke and then come back and hook himself up again. Each cigarette probably erased the value of an hour's worth of oxygen but he wouldn't go without. But it was such a nuisance he was down to under a half a pack a day so I just ignored it.

Medicare approved Dad's scooter and it was delivered after he'd been home a week. He'd ordered a heavy duty model so he could ride it around the keezmovies farm. He used it to accompany me when I went to milk the cows but no longer helped in the actual milking. Just being there made him feel like he was still a part of things. When he was in the house the scooter sat in a corner of the kitchen plugged into its charger.  

I notified my landlord that I was giving up the apartment as of September 1. That gave me over a month to get all of my stuff out of it. I would have to hire movers to bring the furniture out to the farm but I could pack up all of the small stuff and use the truck to move that myself. The only question was who I could get to watch Dad while I was in the city. The packing and moving would take at least one full day, maybe two.    

When Dad came home from the hospital I'd called Karen and told her that I wouldn't be available for dates for an indefinite time. After the talk with Dad I'd pretty much decided that my career as an escort was over but I hadn't officially notified the agency. Since I wasn't taking dates anyway I figured I could take my time giving notice of my retirement.

Even so I was surprised when Karen called me after a couple of weeks. She inquired about Dad's health and then offered me a date during the day.

"I know you said you couldn't work for a while, especially in the city, because you have to stay with your father, but this one is so close to where you're living I thought you might be able to work it out. It's a very closeted guy who lives in Hamburg. I looked on the map and that's near where you are, isn't it?"

"Yeah, it's right down the road, maybe ten miles. What's involved?" I wasn't really interested but it was hard to pass up a chance to make some money so close to home. If it were something simple that wouldn't take long I could get Uncle Frank or Aunt Mary to stay with Dad. They spelled me when I had to go to the store.

"Basically, the guy wants to sit on your face. He wants to be rimmed."

"Any idea what he looks like?"

Rimming was one of my favorite sexual activities but it was also the one I was very particular about. I could only do it with someone I was attracted to and very few of my clients fit that bill. It had to be a hot, clean ass on a hot body for me to get into it and so it wasn't something I did very often. Karen knew this.

"He's a hottie, 36 years old, athletic, black hair and keezmovies

eyes. He came into the city for an interview with Ed the other day and we took a picture of his ass. I think you'll like it."

"Send it to me. So that's all he wants, just a rim job? No fucking, no sucking?"

"No, as I said, he's a hottie so I guess he can get those basic activities anywhere. This is the fantasy he's willing to pay for. He'd asked about a couple of other escorts but since he's in your neighborhood I thought I'd try you first."

"You sure he won't mind not getting who he wanted?"

"Don't worry about it. He asked about numbers 11 and 16 and they're both the same type as you, just a little bit younger. But he is very closeted, almost paranoid, so the details of his scenario are a little kinky."

Ah, there was the complication.