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The rest of the day his mood was unpredictable but I finally figured him out, although I didn't understand it. If I tried to help he rebelled and got nasty. If I got mad at him and told him off he accepted it and pretty much did as he was told. His reactions were just the opposite of what I'd expect. I decided it was best to avoid him as much as possible by concentrating on chores, checking up on him tubegalore

The appointment I'd made with the nursing service was for ten the next morning so when a Jeep Wrangler pulled into the driveway a few minutes before that I assumed it was the nurse. Dad was in his bedroom so I rapped on the door and told him that the nurse had arrived. There was a knock on the front door just before I got to it. I was surprised to be greeted by the deep blue eyes and beaming smile of Declan Kelly, dressed in a form-fitting dark blue polo shirt and khakis.

"Declan! What brings you out here?"

"I'm here to see your father," he said, handing me a business card that read Declan Kelly, RN.

"You're a nurse! So that's your day job."

"Yup, and whenever I see the name of someone I know on our new patient list I turn on the charm to get the assignment."

Just looking at me with those beautiful eyes was all the charm I could handle. Any more and my knees would go weak.  

"You gonna make the man stand on the porch all day? Ask him in tubegalore
." Dad had shuffled up behind me.

"Oh, yeah, c'mon in," I stammered. I stepped aside and he walked in carrying a small case.

"I've got a lot of paperwork to complete so it'd be best if we sat at a table."

Dad led the way into the dining room.

"You're walking pretty good, Mr. Willson. How do you feel?"

"Like shit, Declan. How'd you expect me to feel?"